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Atlant Translations  LLC started its activities in Azerbaijan in the year of 2000 as a limited liability company, and despite the big competition in the translation market, the translation company has been developing from day to day. Over these years, Atlant Translations LLC has managed to gather a team of professional translators from all the fields and technical staff. Today, thanks to this team we benefit from the latest technology which can bring interpretation at your door.

Having witnessed the development of the translation for the past years, today we know our target. For us, the target is our customers’ satisfaction.

Atlant Translations LLC’s services include everything relating to translation: written translation, consecutive translation, simultaneous interpreting, lease of conference equipment, legalisation of translated documents.



Order on-line translation, from around the world, in any language. Save your time and money.

Today, the translation of your documents is close to you as one click … Experience of years, use and efficiency of the latest technology – all in one place…

Please contact us; let us remove the poor quality translations from the market.

With the desire to make your mouth!


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