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Lease of conference equipment

Any event on a global scale that requires the use of simultaneous interpreting will necessarily entail dedicated maintenance services. Atlant Translations LLC has all resources to provide this type of service. Along with simultaneous interpreters, we also lease required conference equipment for official events, conferences, forums, workshops and others, as well as provide the services of their installation, deployment and maintenance. The equipment includes:

– Simultaneous translation booths,
– Simultaneous interpreter consoles,
– Frequency generating devices,
– Recording devices,
– Mikes,
– Headphones,
– LCD projectors,
– Monitors,
– Sound systems,
– Wireless mikes,
– LCD monitors and others.

We have a special team of qualified technical staff trained for placement, installation and maintenance of equipment, which ensures free operation of equipment on the highest level.

Regardless of the size of an event and the number of participants, you can entrust us the choice of simultaneous translators and conference equipment.

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