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Localization of websites

The availability of websites and software in different languages is important in order to understand the information by foreign citizens. Therefore, localization of websites in different languages is required. Localization is the process of adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context.

When Atlant Translations LLC is entrusted with translation of websites into various languages, the text translated by our local translators then localized by our native speakers and accommodated to the website.

During translation, Atlant Translations LLC pays special attention to transcreation of the banners, announcements, slogans posted on the websites. At the same time, it also performs localization of images, tables, numbers, special characters, and terms in accordance with the target language. At this time, we ensure the adaptation of the interface to the characteristics of the texts and objects, as well as SEO optimization.

Given our cooperation with native speakers specialized in any field, we can easily provide language localization of websites.

In the field of localization, we cooperate with such companies like Azimport, Azer-Turk Bank, Symphony, Benkons, Bimtek, Vekarus and others.

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