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Online translation of webinars, internet and telephone conferences


Due to the recent development of technology, many international meetings, gatherings, presentations and others between local companies and foreign partners are conducted online. Webinars and web-conferences play a huge role in conduction of such meetings. Atlant Translations Ltd provides online translation services for effective negotiations with the representatives of various countries, as well as ensures understanding of the speaker by the auditorium.

Online translation of webinars and web conferences allows you to carry out an event without leaving your location or waiting for an interpreter /guest from other countries to come to your office. Thus, you can save time and distance, while not feeling the language difference.

The advantages of online translation include no need for traveling the other country in order to have negotiations with a customer or a partner, you save your time and money for business trips, there is no need to buy or rent special interpretation equipment for an event (consecutive or simultaneous), you just comfortably speak in your own language and by a click simply select the language you want to hear.

Nowadays, online translation services are ordered mostly during business, education, medical and industry meetings. In this field, our clients are Azermed, Heerim, SADE, Samsung and others. We provide our potential customers or partners with online translation services during business negotiations, online seminars, training courses, and so on.

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