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Simultaneous interpretation


Simultaneous interpretation is the area which requires more attention, responsibility and experience than other types of translation. During simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter should both listen and at the same time in seconds translate the speech to the audience. In this case, the speaker continues his/her speech without stopping for an interpreter to translate. For this purpose, an interpreter should be aware of the area he/she interprets, so that not to have any difficulties during translation of terms, phraseology compounds. During simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter not only do have time to ask for repetition of the sentence, but also think about the meanings of the term. Therefore, be very careful when choosing a simultaneous interpreter, so that your work has not gone down the drain due to a simultaneous interpreter.

Atlant Translations have simultaneous interpreters specialized in every area. Thanks to them for years we have managed to keep our cooperation with our customers. The distinguishing advantages of a simultaneous interpreter are:
– Immediate reaction to word of caution and,
– The profession of higher education,
– Long-term experience,
– Intonation and sound.

Simultaneous interpretation service is required during international conferences, forums and other international events, especially during state events. Among our simultaneous interpretation clients are the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the OSCE, BP and others.

Atlant Translations LLC is always ready to provide simultaneous interpretation services on any subject for any event – round table, congresses, conferences, board of directors, symposiums, webinars, online conferences and so on.

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