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Localization of software


Do you want to bring your products to the international market? We can provide you with a lot of advices on internalization of any software. For example, we can advise on software development that can help you reach maximum stability and minimum distribution costs, as well as assist in complex preparatory works which can sufficiently save budget and wages.

Has your software already been translated? We offer the service of linguistic and / or functional testing of your software. We can evaluate the appropriateness of the translation, in case of need, we can help you with adjustments, supplements and selection of next localization strategies.

We offer complex localization solutions for your software in several languages (in more than 30 languages) that give our customers the opportunity to market their products by saving significant resources.

Atlant Translations LLC performs all complex work required for the high-quality localization of software:
– Verification of internalization,
– Selection of localization resources,
– Extraction of screenshots and verification of user interface,
– Functional verification,
– Software setup,
– Services on multimedia techniques,
– Graphic design and desktop publishing

The localization of your product by Atlant Translations provides you with the following benefits:
– Speeding up the access of your product’s language options to the market,
– The availability of your brand in the global market,
– Proof of loyalty of the company to its consumers,
– Conformity of the local version of the software to cultural requirements of the market,
– High quality and reliability of localized software.

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