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Attestation of translations by company seal


In some cases, corporate or individual customers don’t need notarial attestation or legalization or Apostille on a document requested by them for translation and certification. In such cases, we certify the translations by the certified translator’s signature and our company seal in order to certify that the translation is done by the certified translator and that Atlant Translations undertake liability for accuracy of such translations by affixing its corporate seal to the translation.

Due to such certification of the translations, our customers get assurance that their documents have not been translated by any non-qualified or non-certified translator, but by qualified and certified translator.

In such cases, the certified translator who translated the document signs the translation, all required educational details of the translator (specialization and degree of diploma, institution name, diploma number and issuance date) are written underline the translation, and then the translation company’s seal is affixed to the translation.

If you order for translation and certification of the translation by Atlant Translations’ seal, you will pay for translation and editing costs only, not for certification of the translation by our company’s seal. We provide such services for our customers without any charge.

If you order for certification of any already translated document, the translation shall be checked by our project manager assigned to notarization services, then shall be transferred to one of the certified translators of Atlant Translations, and the translator shall check, if needed, edit and proof any mistakes, and then shall be signed and sealed by our translation company. You will pay for editing costs only, not for certification by the translation company’s seal.

We kindly provide such certification for any type of document requested from you for translation.

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