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Editing and expert review


In order to make a translation fully compliant with its various purposes and intended use, it may be accompanied by additional services such as editing by an industry expert, stylistic editing and proofreading.

Editing refers to examination of a text for translation, terminology and stylistic errors. Even a highly-qualified translator may not always accurately use highly specialized expressions and terms characteristic of a particular industry or domain.

Editing by a native speaker will ensure precise stylistic compliance of a target text with its purposes and intended use, including publication, as well as its compatibility with a foreign recipients’ mentality.
Proofreading involves checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes, completeness of the translation and correctness of formatting. This process is always included in the basic cost of translation.

During the translation order to Atlant Translations, if the text is to be translated from foreign language into Azerbaijani language, it is edited by a specialist editor, if the text is to be translated from the Azerbaijani language into a foreign language, it should be edited by a specialist native speaker.

Expert translation review sees texts previously translated by any organization or individual examined for compliance with the recognized translation standards. In many cases, even if a person with the knowledge of the foreign language understands the essence of the sentence, he/she is not able to build a sentence and deliver its meaning to the reader. Atlant Translations LLC’s native speakers are here to help.

We permanently help the representatives of such companies like Dorce, JTI, Maritime Administration, the CCIC, and BIMTEK. Even if the representatives of these companies do translation of their documents themselves, there is always a need in constant proofreading by a native speaker. Among these documents are contracts, legal acts, and advertising texts and others.

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