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Corporate documents


Corporate documents include all the documents compiled within a company or on behalf of the management/authorized person. As an example of corporate documents we can list the following:
– Charters/articles of association
– Regulations
– Contracts, agreements and deals
– Tender documentation
– A document on legal address
– A document confirming the right of ownership
– An owner’s consent
– Incorporation and other constitutive documents
– Certificates
– Extract from the register
– Determination of shares
– Company resolutions and minutes
– Company orders
– Incoming and outgoing correspondence
– Customs declarations, invoices, PO and etc.
– References
– Presentations
– Acts
– Attorney and others.

Alongside with translation of corporate documents from or into any language, we also provide notarization and legalization services. Given the time constraints, we also deliver ready, translated and certified documents to the company offices.

As these documents are usually in the form of templates, Atlant Translations LLC offers special discounts on translation price. Atlant Translations LLC carries out translation of corporate documents of all its corporate clients into various languages.

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