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Judicial documents


Atlant Translations LLC has been providing its high-quality translations for the major judicial authorities in our country,especially in the translation of overseas judicial documentation from English,Russian,French, Spanish,Dutch and etc. into Azerbaijani.

Alongside with all other fields, Atlant Translations LLC is highly specialized in the field of law. Translations of legal texts require a high level of translating expertise. Ultimately, an error in translation can cause a change in the meaning of a legal text. When Atlant Translations receives an offer to translate any judicial project into English, Russian, French, German or etc., we cooperate with native-speaker legal translators.

And so, a high-quality legal translation is one of the bases of success in judicial disputes. Given the above said, we entrust the translation of these documents only to the law specialists which ensures a high quality translation.

The example of court documents includes:
– Judicial decisions,
– Court rulings,
– Reviews,
– Newsletters,
– Litigation applications,
– Prosecution acts
– Petitions and others.

By using the high experience of lawyer translators, we created legal dictionaries making translations faster and more accurate.

Legal translations are among the most sought-after types of texts that we translate for our customers, which include individuals, city and district courts. We translated judicial documentation of The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku Administrative –Economical Court, Nasimi District Court, Nizami District, Baku City Prosecutor’s Office and other judicial bodies.

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