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Legislative acts


Legislative acts refer to statutory acts and legislations constituting a country’s legal system, while such statutory acts are official documents accepted by a state or local authorities and stipulated in the Constitutional Law, which reflect binding rules of conduct for a limited range of subjects, and designed for consistent application in an official capacity. We translated the following documents in the field of legislation:

– The decisions of the Constitutional Court;
– The decisions, instructions and directives of the Central Election Commission;
– The decisions of the Central Bank;
– The decisions of Court and Legal Council;
– The resolutions of National Television and Radio Council;
– The decisions of local council;
– The decisions of local executive bodies;
– Legal acts,
– Local laws,
– International legislation and so on.

In our country, the above mentioned statutory acts and laws in different fields have been prepared based on international laws, and Atlant Translations contributed to the adaptation process due to its very highly qualified legal translators who translated the international acts into Azerbaijani. Atlant Translations LLC has also provided similar translation services for many government organizations. As the translation of this type of documents into other languages requires great responsibility and knowledge, Atlant Translations LLC entrusts these documents to professionals only. For example, our company has translated the code of international maritime trade, maritime trade rules, and laws on international ports for the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the international notary laws for the Ministry of Justice, international standards, ratifications, international laws and practices for such government agencies like The Constitutional Court, The Central Election Commission, the Parliament and others.

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