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Marketing, advertisement and PR


Marketing is a purposeful activity aimed at achieving the organizational objectives as well as satisfying customers. Although marketing is a relatively new field, the demand for it is quite high. Advertising can be made in different languages via newspapers, websites, radio, billboard and so on. Atlant Translations LLC has translators specialized in the field of marketing. Translation and transcreation of promo materials into the target language should be done so as the target language audience to apprehend, understand and like it. In this regard, our center cooperates with native speakers of all languages. Our transcreation services include:

– Web sites,
– Catalogues, booklets, flyers,
– Roll-ups,
– Brand walls,
– Business cards,
-The script of advertising videos for TV and radio channels.

In addition, there are a lot of events, conferences, presentations and forums in the field of marketing, advertising and PR where Atlant Translations LLC provides the services of simultaneous interpreting and simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Among companies cooperating with us in the field of marketing, advertising and PR are BIMTEK Mobile Solutions, LLC Vekarus, DORÇE Prefabricated Building and Construction Industry Trade Inc., etc.

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