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Medical field

Medical field is one activity directions of our country; its goal is to arrange comprehensive medical services for the population.

Along with that, the medical field is one of the most important areas in people’s lives, health.
As in other fields, the expansion of international ties further increases the need for written translation and simultaneous interpretation. Medical documents to be translated into different languages include medical references, diagnoses, answers of analyses, recipes and so on.

In addition, health care services provided to the people has been rapidly improving in our country, the latest equipment is brought to Azerbaijan, so there is a need in translation of the rules for the use of equipment, terms of rules, guides, books of this equipment.

Proper provision of health care with medicines is one of the major medical and health work. We provide translation of instructions and ingredient tables of drugs.

At the same time, clinics and institutions of higher education arrange a lot of conferences, seminars and forums on acquiring of international practices in the field of healthcare, expansion of international cooperation. The provision of simultaneous interpreting services and conference equipment is assigned to Atlant Translations . Among our client clinics we can show Leila Shikhlinskaya Clinic, CelamigEye Clinic and others, while among medical facilities we cooperate with the various institutions of Azerbaijan Medical University.

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