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Modern world of economy lives the era of oil and gas. Oil is considered one of Earth’s most important natural energy resources.

Our country’s dependence on oil and gas is very high, so more than half of the gross domestic product accounted for oil and gas industry.

Azerbaijan is considered to be the world’s oldest oil-producing country, and has a history of almost 150 years of industrial production of oil.

Our difference from translation centers is the years of experience we gained in oil and gas industry.

We are among companies which are mostly applied to for various services starting from written translation of technical documentation in the field of oil and gas industry, design, research, regulatory, tender documents, manuals, directives, test results, drawings and schemes to interpretation of large-scale major events, negotiations and installation of interpretation equipments.

We cooperate with such big Azerbaijani companies like State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Maritime Administration, Azpetrol LLC, Halliburton and others. Written translation services of the huge projects have been entrusted to Atlant Translations LLC. Examples include Nabucco and BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan). Alongside with written translation services, we have also carried out simultaneous translation services for the companies in the oil and gas industry.

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